Aurora-Elgin Area Streetcars and Interurbans
Hopkins S. Peffers / Hardcover / Published 1993
Our Price: $198.00 (Special Order)

Monterey and Pacific Grove Street Car Era (Interurbans Special, No 112)
Erle C. Hanson / Paperback / Published 1990
Our Price: $16.95 (Special Order)

The Short Line Doodlebug : Galloping Geese and Other Railcritters (Interurbans Special, 99)
Edmund Keilty / Hardcover / Published 1988
(Publisher Out Of Stock)

Traction Classics : The Interurbans : Extra Fast and Extra Fare Vol 2
William D. Middleton / Hardcover / Published 1984
Our Price: $38.95 (Special Order)

Traction Classics : The Interurbans : The Great Wood and Steel Cars Vol 1
William D. Middleton / Hardcover / Published 1983
(Publisher Out Of Stock)

When Eastern Michigan Rode the Rails, III (Interurbans Special, No)
Jack E. Schramm, et al / Hardcover / Published 1988
Our Price: $39.95 (Special Order)

An American Original : The Pcc Car (Interurbans Special 104)
Seymour Kashin, Harre Demoro / Published 1986
(Hard to Find)

Aurora-Elgin area street cars & interurbans
Hopkins Stolp Peffers
(Hard to Find)

California's Electric Railways : An Illustrated Review (Interurbans Special 100)
Harre W. Demoro / Published 1986
(Hard to Find)

Canal boats, interurbans & trolleys : the story of the Rochester subway
Ron Amberger
(Hard to Find)

The Diesel Builders : American Locomotive Company and Montreal Locomotive Works (Interurbans Special, 10) Vol 2
John F. Kirkland / Published 1989
(Hard to Find)

Electric railways of Japan : interurbans-tramways-metros
(Hard to Find)

The Insull Chicago interurbans : CA&E-CNS&M-CSS&SB : in color
Gordon Lloyd
(Hard to Find)

Interurbans without wires : the rail motorcar in the United States
Edmund Keilty
(Hard to Find)

Key Route, Book 2 : Transbay Commuting by Train and Ferry (Interurbans Special, 97)
Harre Demoro / Published 1986
(Hard to Find)

The Key Route, Part 1 : Transbay Commuting by Train and Ferry (Interurbans Special, 95)
Harre W. Demoro / Published 1985
(Hard to Find)

People's Railway (Interurbans Special, No 69)
Anthony Perles / Published 1980
(Hard to Find)

Rails in Richmond (Interurbans Special, 102)
Carlton N. McKenney / Published 1986
(Hard to Find)

The Shaker Heights Rapid Transit (Interurbans Special, No 115)
Jim Toman / Published 1990
(Hard to Find)

Speedrail : Milwaukee's Last Rapid Transit? (Interurbans Special, 117)
Larry A. Sakar / Published 1991
(Hard to Find)

The st Louis Streetcar Story (Interurbans Special, No 108)
Andrew D. Young / Published 1987
(Hard to Find)

The Story of Metro : Transporation and Politics in the Nation's Capital (Interurbans Special, 101)
Ronald H. Deiter / Published 1990
(Hard to Find)
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Trolley to the Past : A Brief History and Companion to the Operating Trolley Museums of North America (Interurbans Special ; 85)
A. D. Young / Published 1983
(Hard to Find)

When Oklahoma Took the Trolley (Interurbans Special, 71)
Allison Chandler / Published 1980
(Hard to Find)

California Railroads : An Encyclopedia of Cable Car, Common Carrier, Horsecar, Industrial Interurban, Logging, Monorail, Motor Road, Short Lines, stre
Alvin A. Fickewirth / Hardcover / Published 1992
Our Price: $46.95 (Special Order)
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City Growth in the United States, England and Wales, 1820-1861 : The Effects of Location, Size and Economic Structure on Interurban Variations in Dem
John B. Sharpless / Hardcover / Published 1976
Our Price: $24.50 (Special Order)

Electric Interurban Railways in America
G. W. Hilton / Hardcover / Published 1960
Our Price: $49.50 (Special Order)

Interurban Interlude
Quinby / Hardcover / Published 1969
Our Price: $12.00 (Special Order)

Interurban Transport Costs : Report of the Ninety-Eight Round Table on Transport Economics : Held in Paris on 2Nd-3Rd December 1993 (Round Table 98)
Paperback / Published 1995
Our Price: $29.00 (Special Order)

The Kite Route : Story of the Denver & Interurban Railroad
William C. Jones, Noel T. Holley / Hardcover / Published 1986
Our Price: $27.95 (Special Order)

The Longest Interurban Charter
Larry Plachno / Paperback / Published 1988
Our Price: $10.00 + $0.85 special surcharge (Special Order)

San Diego's South Bay Interurban
Ralph Forty / Paperback / Published 1987
Our Price: $14.95 (Special Order)

Trolley and Interurban Directory
J Gross / Hardcover / Published 1994
Our Price: $30.95 (Special Order)

Apple country interurban : a history of the Yakima Valley Transportation Company and the Yakima interurban trolley lines
Kenneth G. Johnsen
(Hard to Find)

Arkansas Valley Interurban
Malcolm D. Isely
(Hard to Find)

Cincinnati and Lake Erie Railroad : Ohio's Great Interurban System
Jack. Keenan / Published 1975
(Hard to Find)

Indiana Railroad : The Magic Interurban
George K. Bradley / Published 1991
(Hard to Find)

Interurban Era
William D. Middleton
(Hard to Find)

Interurban railways of the Bay area
Paul C. Trimble
(Hard to Find)

The Laurel Line : An Anthracite Region Railway (Interurban Special, 103)
James N.J. Henwood, John G. Muncie / Published 1986
(Hard to Find)

Modern types of city and interurban cars and trucks
(Hard to Find)

Modern types of city and interurban cars and trucks
(Hard to Find)

Red Arrow : The First 100 Years (Interurban Press Special 96)
Ronald Degraw / Published 1985
(Hard to Find)

The red electrics : Southern Pacific's Oregon interurban
Tom Dill
(Hard to Find)

South Shore : Americas Last Interurban
W Middleton / Published 1970
(Hard to Find)

To Seattle by trolley : the story of the Seattle-Everett Interurban and the trolley that went to sea
Warren W. Wing
(Hard to Find)

Trolleys : Riding and Remembering the Electric Interurban Railways
Ruth. Cavin / Published 1976
(Hard to Find)

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