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Bullard Hard Hat
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Genuine Bullard Hart Hat
   Bullard traces its heritage back to 1898, a time of great opportunity in the western United States. Founded in San Francisco by Edward Dickinson Bullard, the Company originally supplied carbide lamps and other mining equipment to gold and copper miners in California, Nevada and Arizona. When his son, E.W. Bullard, returned from World War I, he combined his understanding of customer needs and his experience with his doughboy army helmet to design a protective headgear for miners. This "Hard Boiled" hat, introduced in 1919, represented the first of many innovative designs that have led Bullard to its prominent position in head protection for industrial and emergency response applications.
   During the 1930s, while the Golden Gate Bridge was being constructed in San Francisco, Bridge engineer Joseph B. Strauss contacted Bullard to request that the Company adapt its hats to protect bridge workers. Bullard not only supplied hard hats for this famous project, but its engineers also designed an original supplied air respirator for workers responsible for blasting the steelwork prior to the application of the Bridge's International Orange paint. Bullard went on to design innovative supplied-air respiratory protection solutions for such key industries as pharmaceutical manufacturing and automotive refinishing.
   Following the development of the hard hat, Bullard engineers designed the Company's first fire helmet in 1930. The Company quickly became a technology leader in this industry, developing and introducing the first fiberglass fire helmet in 1947, the first NFPA-approved thermoplastic fire helmet in 1983, and the first ratchet headband used in a fire helmet in 1986.

Our PE hard hat is made for us exclusively by Bullard. It is based on their latest Model 303R with their best ratchet suspension system for comfort, speed and safety.

ANSI Z89.1-2003, Type I (top protection), Class E (electrically tested to withstand 20,000 volts) download factory data sheet

Traction Logo Thermometers
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Los Angles Railway Building
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Pacific Electric Motor Transit
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Pacific Electric Fast Freight
   Our own line of classic thermometers! Using an original 1930's thermometer as inspiration, we carefully melded the simple style and imagery of the past with today's production techniques to provide you with a truly exceptional product that far exceeds the quality standards of any metal wall thermometer available today. The secret is in our twice-baked materials and coatings. We take extra time and the extra expense of applying the most durable powdercoat finish that exists to provide a product that will stand up to the worst environmental conditions Mother Nature can throw at them. Then our copyrighted images are carefully hand silk-screened one color at a time with the finest epoxy paints available. No other thermometers on the market can make these claims.   17" x 5"

Pacific Electric Diner Mugs

Other Side

Other Side
   Our own interpretation of what a proper 1920s diner coffee mug might have looked like at one of the Pacific Electric stations where passengers could get a hamburger sandwich and a cuppa joe.
   These very heavy earthen mugs wear the PE's "Comfort/Speed/Safety" on one side, and the locations of the depots with lunch counters on the obverse.
   All the mugs are light tan as shown with your choice of diner green or PE red baked enamel imprint.
   The ERHA's web address appears on the bottom so that future archeologists will know from which period these mugs came.
Green mugs are temporarily OUT OF STOCK, Please check back soon!

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