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Los Angeles the Early Days 
  This 52 minute video history of downtown Los Angeles, her tunnels and trolley lines is the best we've ever seen! Filmmaker David Rapka has combined historic stills with precisely aligned modern views and extremely clever transitions to explain to the modern viewer just how very much the landscape of downtown has changed since the 1890s.
  Segments cover: Downtown, Echo Park, Edendale, Bunker Hill, Crown Hill, Court Hill, Fort Moore Hill, Angels Flight, Court Flight, all the tunnels, 2nd Street Park and Cable Car line plus the Pacific Electric's Edendale, Echo Park and Glendale-Burbank lines.
DVD-R $21.50, VHS video, $17.50
Videos are not returnable, please note that DVD-R may not play in all DVD players, most DVD players manufactured since 1999 should work.

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