Again our Pacific Electric System has carried off honors at a Southern California Exposition for our display.  The latest trophy awarded us was bestowed by the California Valencia Orange Show, held at Anaheim, May 17-23, and for a first Exposition of the kind, a most beautiful show.  The entrance was near the Company in this feature of community advertising was dictated by our serving Orange County, although our rails do not as yet reach Anaheim, and since the first rail was laid on our system, it has been a policy of this company to assist communities in every way possible in the exploitation of their region.

The beautiful exhibit, which received first prize and trophy in its class, was designed by Mr. I.C. Wood of the Electrical Department, and constructed by that gentleman, and Mr. John McLeod, of the Engineering Department.  It was indeed a credit to the road, and the more appreciated because two of our fellows built it.

The Pacific Electric Magazine, June 10, 1921