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Pacific Electric Officers' Car 01 Diagram


WOfficer's car 01 was acquired from Los Angeles Pacific in the Great Merger of 1911. As LAP's "El Viento" ("The Wind") the car had already gained renown by hosting such notables as happened to visit western Los Angeles County. Originally built as a standard passenger car of LAP's 700 Class (PE 950 Class), this car was reconstructed by LAP at its Sherman Shops in 1909 into one of the most ornate cars ever seen in the west; a photo of this LAP gem is seen at left as the car appeared in 1910 (MC). The diagram and specifications on opposite page apply to this car in its "El Viento" days of glory.

WPE rebuilt the car rather thoroughly in 1911; the lavatory was relocated amidships; an office was installed; end bulkheads were constructed; end windows were lowered; seating capacity was virtually halved. Renumbered PE 01, this car was considerably improved mechanically: gear ratio was upped from 21:54 to 33:42, 36" wheels replaced the 34" and speed was thereby greatly improved. Weight went up from 74,800 lbs. to 78,900. A casualty: the LAP hot air balloons in the oval windows were replaced by ordinary art glass.

W01 reigned supreme for but a short time on PE; the opening of the 1200 volt San Bernardino Line in 1914 made it necessary to create a business car capable of operating on that voltage, so car 1000 was rebuilt into an officers' car in 1915, relegating 01 to secondary status. On December 17, 1925, 01 was renumbered 999, although remaining a business car but stored at Torrance Shops. In 1928-29 999 was caught up in the work order modernizing 950-993 and was rebuilt into a passenger motor; see 999 for its subsequent history.

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