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Pacific Electric Deluxe Car 02 Diagram


WDeluxe car 02 was Old Pacific Electric's luxury car --- a rebuilt 800 with big wheels, high gear ratio and big, comfortable individual chairs; with her few seats and weight of 73,000 pounds, each passenger had a minimum of a ton of car to take him wherever he wanted to go!.

WPrior to the Great Merger of 1911, 02 was Old PE's car 07.

W02 started out in life as just another 800 (Old PE's 300 Class); in 1906 it (as Old PE's car 318) was rebuilt into a deluxe excursion car. In 1907 it was upgraded as a high speed car, running as the famed "Virginia-Maryland Special," carrying fortunate guests of two of the Southland's poshest hotels, the Maryland in Pasadena and the Virginia in Long Beach, back and forth between those caravansaries. Its 36" wheels and gear ratio of 36:46 made this car PE's speediest next to Mr. Huntington's fabulous private car, "Alabama".

WAs 02, the car was used little after 1915, for new business car 1000 relegated 02 to third place in the small fleet of deluxe cars. In 1918, responding to demands for additional passenger motors to carry World War I passengers, PE rebuilt the car into passenger motor 928; it entered service as 928 on September 11, 1918. As 928, this car lasted until the end came for the Eights in 1940. 02's ornate furniture was sold to Sacramento Northern Railway in 1918 and was installed on parlor cars of that company.

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