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WPacific Electric logoWPacific Electric 1045 Class History
Pacific Electric 1045-1046 Car Diagram

WTrailers 1045 and 1046 (originally 1045 was PE 1047) were also refugees from Visalia Electric, coming to PE in 1919. Large, somewhat handsome cars, these were built by ACF in 1908 and were VE 301 and 302.

WPE operated these cars with its 1001 Class; as neither of these trailers had controls, it was necessary to have them within trains, with a control cable running the full length of the cars to the motor cars at either end.

WMileage records are unavailable, but it seems safe to state that neither car was used except for periods of unusually heavy traffic, such as holidays; in fact, I do not recall ever seeing them in use, but recall them sitting around Macy Street Yard for weeks on end.

WBoth cars were retired and sold in 1934. 1045 has been fortunate in that its purchaser preserved it virtually intact and made the body available to the Orange Empire Railway Museum where it is now preserved.

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