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Pacific Electric 1911 Car Numbering

W Following the "Great Merger" of 1910 the Pacific Electric absorbed a great many smaller, and some not so small, electric railways. An effort was made by the shopmen to devise a rational car numbering scheme that could encompass hundreds of different types of cars. They did a splendid job of a difficult task and we follow their lead here in cataloging the PE roster for you.
Service1911 NumberClassification
Deluxe01-025Business cars, excursion cars, etc.
City1-399Local service within cities, Mt. Lowe cars
Suburban400-699Light Interurban Service
Interurban700-1299Heavy Interurban service
Combination1300-1399Passenger and baggage combines
Box Motors1400-1499Electric less-than-carload (LCL) freight, railway post offices (RPOs)
Light Locomotives1500-1599Switching locomotives
Heavy Locomotives1600-1699Road locomotives
Line Cars1700-1799Overhead maintenance cars
Miscellaneous1800-1899Supply cars, etc.
Wreckers001-0010Specially equipped box motors
  1. The suburban class took over the 700 Class when the last 60 "Hollywood" cars were added. To make room, interurban cars 700-749 were renumbered 950-999 in 1924.
  2. In 1931 the 1700 and 1800 Classes were terminated. Their cars were renumbered in the "00" Class: 00150-00199.
  3. In 1940 new PCC cars for suburban service were acquired and numbered in the new 5000-5029 Class. (A major break from the 1911 scheme.)
  4. The 600 Class was "one-manned" in 1949 and concurrently renumbered into the 5050 Class.
  5. In 1942 nineteen interurban cars were acquired from the Northwestern Pacific and numbered into the 4500-4518 Class. (Instead of becoming 1275-1293 as was originally planned.)
  6. In 1945, interurban cars acquired from the "United States Maritime Commission were renumbred 4600-4647; four combos became 4700-4703.
  7. In 1947 new diesel locomotives were purchased and numbered 1650-1654. At about the same time older gas-electric cars were cut down in length and used as switchers numbered 1648 and 1649.
  8. The postwar modernization of the 4500, 4600 and 4700 Classes brought about their renumbering into the new 300 and 400 Classes.
  9. Still another renumbering occurred under the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority regime; surving suburban cars becoming 1800s and interurbans becoming 1500s and 1700s.

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