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Riverside Local Lines

 Pacific Electric operated three strictly local car lines in Riverside; all of these lines were obtained in the 1911 Great Merger from the Riverside & Arlington Railway. The R&A was purchased by Henry E. Huntington in 1903 and was run by him in cooperation with Mr. Frank Miller, builder and owner of Riverside's famed Mission Inn.
 A two-track car house with substation was erected by R&A about 1909 on Main between 5th & 6th Streets. It was used by PE until 1926, when operations center was shifted to the company's No. 27. Major car repairs were performed at San Bernardino. PE records show a grand union at 7th & Main Street but photos and veterans' recollections seem to disprove it.

Route: From 6th & Main via Main, 14th, Brockton Avenue to Jurupa Avenue (2.03 Miles).

History: Built by R&A in 1893. Modern line established when the Riverside-Arlington line was rerouted to Magnolia on 20 October 1914; soon thereafter through-routed with Fairmont Park. On 21 April 1919, abandoned south of Brockton & Jurupa Aves. On 1 May 1919, separated from Fairmont line and terminated at Main & 1st Streets. As of 1 October 1924, through-routed again with Fairmont, and on 1 March 1925, separated from Fairmont and terminated at 7th & Main. PE asked for permission to abandon this line in 1925 but was refused. Abandoned 1 June 1936.

Operation: As of 1927, a single track one-man Birney provided all the service. Headway was 30 minutes, beginning at 6:15 AM, ending at 11:30 PM with 70 trips. In 1926, 153,298 passengers were carried, 57,730 car miles, $9,018 revenue.
 Brockton Avenue line was last local line to operate in Riverside, outlasting the others because it consistently showed a profit, albeit a small one. It was finally abandoned due to poor condition of track.

Route: From Fairmont Park south on Locust, east on Houghton Avenue, south on Main Street, east on 14th Street, south on Lime Street, south on Olivewood Street, east on Bridge Street, and south on Victoria Avenue to Victoria Club House (1900) block. History: Built by R&A in 1900. Fairmont through-routed with Brockton Avenue in 1914. On 1 May 1919, Fairmont separated from Brockton and through-routed with Victoria Hill. On 1 October 1924, also through-routed with Brockton Avenue Abandoned 1 March 1925. Operation: As of 1 February 1924, car left Fairmont for Victoria every 20 minutes from 6:40 AM to 7:20 PM, then every 40 minutes until 11:20 PM. 7th & Main was 5 minutes from Fairmont, 12 minutes from Victoria Hill. Service by Birneys.

Route: From AT&SF Depot and Salt Lake Station (7th & Vine) via 7th Street, crossing Main, Market, Chestnut, Walnut, Locust, Cedar, Pine and Pepper Streets to Rubidoux Drive (end of line).

History: Built by Huntington (R&A) in 1903. Abandoned 7 July 1924.

Operation: Car (100 Class) left Rubidoux 6:15 AM and every 20 minutes until 11:15 PM (as of 1 February 1924). Rubidoux Line was the cross-town line in Riverside and provided connections to the two steam railroad stations at one end and the exclusive Rubidoux section at the other.

Cars: PE car assignment records show the following car types and units of each assignment to Riverside local lines:

YearCar(s) Assigned
19112-400, 1-476
19133-100, 8-200
19141-10, 1-100
19154-10, 2-100
19161-10, 2-100, 2-200
19182-350, 4-480
19221-10, 1-100, 5-320, 1-400, 4-480
19241-01, 4-320, 1-400, 4-480, 1-1310
19253-320, 4-480, 6-100, 1-50, 1-1310
19283-320, 1-470, 1-480, 4-480
19293-320, 1-466, 4-480, 5-200, 3-480
19313-320, 1-466, 3-200, 1-470,4-480, 4-480
19331-150, 2-320, 4-480, 1-1310, 1-480, 3-600
19361-150, 3-650, 1-1310
19411-150, 6-100
19201-100, 5-320
19424-100, 4-480
1911 Notes: The two 400s were 400 and 409; 476 hauled trailer 57 to and from Crestmore, meeting shift changes at cement plant; the six 100s were 104-109.
1913 Notes: Car 486 served Crestmore run; the 200s helped.
1914 Notes: The 10-Class car was a single-truck open car; the three 480s were 496-499.
1915 Notes: The one 470 was PE 474—ex-LAIU 210; it served at the discretion of Mr. Frank Miller of the Mission Inn and bore the name "Glenwood".
1916 Notes: The 1310 Class car was the 1311.
1918 Notes: The 350s were Birneys.
1924 Notes: The 01 Class car was the 010, ex-"Mermaid" and renumbered 1302 two years later.
1929 Notes: Car 466 replaced 474; 466 came from Fresno.
1933 Notes: Car 151, a double-truck Birney, also came to PE from Fresno Traction. Three 600s—636, 637, 638—replaced the 480s on suburban runs.
1936 Notes: Three 650s—656, 657, 658—replaced the 600s which were returned to Torrance after high mileage accumulated.
1941 Notes: The sale of PE's local lines in Long Beach released additional 100s Class cars for use in Riverside and San Bernardino.
1942 Notes: Only four city cars remained in Riverside, all ran to Arlington: 106, 111, 112, 114.

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