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San Dimas Local Line


Route: From Lone Hill (San Dimas Junction) to San Dimas Pacific Electric Station, 1.5 miles.

History: Built 1911 by PE; opened 11 February 1911 by through cars from Los Angeles. When through cars diverted to Pomona on 1 September 1912, this line established as shuttle connecting San Dimas with Main Line. Service abandoned 4 July 1924.

Operation: As of 1 February 1924, car left San Dimas Pacific Electric Station at 6:32 AM, 7:00, 7:42, 8:07, 8:29, 9:40, 10:46; then 1:55 PM, 2:53, 3:56, 5:00, 5:35, and 6:34 PM. Returning, car left Lone Hill at 6:40 AM, 7:14, 7:51, 8:16, 9:04, 10:06, and 10:56 AM; then 2:20 PM, 3:19, 4:22, 5:25, 6:10 and 6:45 PM.

Running time: 6 minutes.

Miscellany: Chief importance of this line was to give PE access to large gravel quarries in the canyons behind San Dimas. In 1910 the line was extended 1.09 miles beyond San Dimas to the San Dimas quarry, from which came ballast for lines east of Covina. This quarry line was further extended one mile in 1918.
 The passenger service covered 1.49 miles from Lone Hill to the Pacific Electric Station, San Dimas. It crossed the main line of the Santa Fe at 0.92 mile; this crossing was protected by an interlocking plant which operated from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. At other hours, track was line for Santa Fe.
 The car for this line was a 170; it was based at Pomona and required a two-man crew.

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