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La Bolsa Line

WThis line ran from Huntington Beach inland 2.84 miles to Wiebling; passenger service was provided to the Holly Sugar Plant at La bolsa, about 1.7 miles. The line was single track and connected with the Newport-Balboa Line at Huntington Beach.

WThis was an SP line which PE electrified in 1911. The purpose was to transport workers between Huntington Beach and large sugar refineries at La Bolsa. It also handled much freight in early years. PE abandoned passenger service on this line on November 9, 1928.

WUnique center-entrance car 225 was assigned to this line for many years. Other cars assigned to this line are unknown; probably the small 100's were represented in the early days, and a conventional 200 after 225 was retired in 1927.

Electrical Facilities:
WNone exclusive to this line.

Car Storage:
WThe single car required by this line was stored overnight at the Huntington Beach Station.

WAgricultural products were the big item on this line. The Holly Sugar plant sent out hundreds of cars over PE rails early in the century. The line was still a fairly important freight producer in the 1950s.

Passengers:W(Fare & Transfer)
YearPassengersCar MilesRevenue

WA travel check made on October 19, 1927, showed but 14 passengers riding all day long. That same week showed these daily totals:


WOriginally there were three sugar factories at La Bolsa; one closed in 1923 and another in 1924. The third followed suit a few years later. Without the travel to the sugar refineries there was no justification for continued passenger service.

WThe La Bolsa Line was owned by SP and was leased to PE for joint operation. This line was 1.68 miles long and extended from Huntington Beach to La Bolsa, all single track. The lease, while dated March 15, 1912, was effective January 11, 1911. The line was electrified by PE during December 1910 and January 1911; this work was done by the PE Land Company Trustee; which also constructed the Holly Sugar Company spur. The line was placed in operation by PE in February, 1911. PE owned the trolley wire and rail bonding.

WOperation was joint with SP, and PE paid SP monthly 1/12 of 2% of the agreed value of the leased line, also half of the taxes on non-operative property, and a proportionate cost of maintenance based on car mileage.

WOn June 16, 1948 this line became part of the Stanton-Los Alamitos-Huntington Beach Line (diesel freight).

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