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San Pedro Miscellany

W SAN PEDRO MISCELLANY: WDuring the year 1907 on Pacific Ave., the Pt. Fermin Line which was single track was extended from 14th St. to Pt. Fermin. This portion was built under verbal agreement between Mr. Henry E. Huntington and Mr. W.G. Kerchoff in cooperation with Mr. George H. Peck of San Pedro, with the understanding that the latter would furnish all 50 lb. rail, a portion of the right of way, and perform the major portion of the grading, as well as assume the expense of construction work performed by the L.A. Interurban Railway.
W"June 1911: On account of the absence of a feeder on the Pt. Fermin Line and the existence of only a single trolley wire from from Pacific Ave. & 14th St. to the end of the line, and in view of the anticipation of operating larger type cars than those at present operating on this line, the installation of a feeder will be necessary. This proposed feeder is to be installed from the San Pedro Substation to within a quarter-mile of the end of the Pt. Fermin Line. The sight-seeing trip known as 'Triangle Trolley Trip' in its daily trip to San Pedro does not at present include Pt. Fermin, but it is anticipated that those cars will soon include Pt. Fermin in the trip, in which case, on account of the size of the cars, they will be unable to visit this point on account of the lack of this feeder, and as this place of interest is growing in prominence, and considered an exceptional additional feature to this trip, it is urgently recommended that this provision be made to enable these sightseeing cars to reach Pt. Fermin." From PE Official Correspondence
W"March 1918: Install a feeder from San Pedro Substation via Front St. to 6th & Pacific and thence to Pt. Fermin, a distance of 3.25 miles. This feeder is necessary to permit the proper operation of cars to Pt. Fermin. This line has had for some time extremely poor power and cars in regular service have had difficultly in climbing the grade to Pt. Fermin; in many cases the attempts have been given up and passengers transferred. The heavy demand on the trolley wire is gradually burning this wire up, causing it to sag and require a heavy maintenance expense. The operation of cars on Sundays and holidays when traffic is quite heavy has become especially serious. It is very urgent that this feeder be installed as soon as possible owing to the increased traffic to Fort MacArthur."
From PE Official Correspondence WOn May 5, 1921, the Chamber of Commerce of San Pedro filed with the California Railroad Commission a complaint against the PE in which relief was asked from inadequate and hazardous operation of the company's Pt. Fermin and La Rambla lines. Chief objection was to single track operation from PE Station to 6th & Pacific, resulting in severe traffic congestion. PE eventually doubled tracked this part of its San Pedro system and the congestion and poor service were largely eliminated.
WNot generally known is the fact that PE secured several more franchises in San Pedro which were never used.
WFrom newspapers and magazines of dates noted, we have culled the following excerpts:
WJuly 12, 1903: PE is commencing work on the grade from its present terminus (14th & Palos Verdes) to the foot of San Pedro St. which is on the Outer Harbor. Its cars will be in operation in three weeks and then work on the wharf will begin.
WAugust 2, 1905: Huntington wants to lease 25 acres of waterfront at San Pedro for fifty years. He promises to spend $100,00. Mr. George E,. Pillsbury will be Chief Engineer. Application made in the name of "San Pedro Terminal Railroad & Wharf Company."
WAugust 26, 1905: Huntington to help San Pedro. Planning greater improvements than expected. National Lumber Company is said to be planning to use wharfage which he will build.
WFebruary 9, 1907: The extension of PE beyond San Pedro to the government breakwater and lighthouse on Point Fermin will be open tomorrow.
WMarch 4, 1907: In San Pedro a broken brake rod caused the loss of control of a car and it dashed down the hill on Beacon St. and left the tracks at 6th St. and crashed into some telephone poles.

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