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Pacific Electric Time Tables

   The Pacific Electric Railway Company and most of their predecessors have issued time tables of one form or another since their inception. The P.E. issued both system time tables and smaller folders and cards for individual lines or groups at related lines. The system time tables were discontinued during 1937. Publication of the smaller folders continued until the end of P.E. passenger service, and have been continued to be published by their successor companies and agency’s to the present day.

   This is an initial attempt to list all of the time tables published between 1940 and 1953. I have tried to make it as accurate and complete as possible, however if other time tables not listed appear, they will be included in a future update.

   This catalog lists time tables issued between 1940 and 1953, showing form number, issue number, quantity printed and printing date, paper and ink colors and cover type. An index of form numbers appears first, followed by the actual catalog listings. The catalog listings include an index of cover types and reproductions of the cover types.

   Hopefully, errors are minimal. Any corrections or new material will be reflected in revised editions of this catalog. Anyone finding errors or having time tables not listed should contact me, so that material can be incorporated. I would like to have this catalog as complete as possible.

Please mail a photocopy (both sides) of any time tables you would like to have us add to:

1 World Trade Center
PO Box 32161
Long Beach, CA 90832-2161

September, 1998

Wally G. Shidler
Walnut Park, California

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