of the


Pacific Electric
Rod and Gun Club

Name and Objects

The name of this organization shall be “Pacific Electric Rod and Gun Club.”


Its objects are to encourage protection of game and game fish in Southern Cali­fornia; to promote interest in scientific angling and hunting; to encourage the use of light tackle and small bore guns and to endeavor to elevate the sport of angling and hunting.



Membership is restricted to Caucasian male employees of Pacific Electric Rail­way Company, Southern Pacific Company, and its subsidiaries.


Retired employees who were members of the Pacific Electric Rod and Gun Club at the time of their retirement may retain membership as regular members.

All employees of Pacific Electric Rail­way Company who are members of Pacific Electric Rod & Gun Club and who are transferred, as a result of the sale of Pa­cific Electric passenger operations to the operating company thereof, may retain membership as regular members.


Associate Members

Any minor dependent male member of an active member’s family is eligible to asso­ciate membership. Associate members may compete for prizes at the discretion of the Club, but shall have no vote and shall pay no initiation fees or dues.


Honorary Members

Honorary members may be elected by the Club. Proposals for Honorary mem­bership may be presented at any regular meeting, and application must then be referred to Executive Committee who will make recommendation at following meeting of club, and must be elected by unani­mous vote of members present.

Honorary members shall pay no dues or initiation fees, nor shall they vote at any meeting, hold office, or have any interest in the property of the club.



The officers of this club shall be a Presi­dent, First and Second Vice-President, Recording and Financial Secretary, Treas­urer, and two Field Captains, one for Rod Section, and one for the Gun Section.

The Officers, with the exception of the Field Captains, shall be elected for a term of one year, and shall hold office un­til their successors are elected. The Field Captains shall be appointed by the Presi­dent.


There shall be an Executive Committee of five, elected by the club; a Committee on Legislation having three members; a Nominating Committee having five mem­bers and other committees as are re­quired; to be appointed by the President. All members of Committees shall hold office for one year and until their successors are elected or appointed.

The Officers of the Club shall be ex­officio members of all standing committees.


Annual Meeting

The regular meeting of the Club held in December of each year shall be the Regular Annual Meeting of the Club; twenty members shall constitute a quorum at such Annual Meeting. At such Meeting, all elective officers and members of Committees shall be elected.



The Club shall adopt such By-Laws as may be deemed expedient and may alter or amend the same at any Regular Meet­ing, providing that a copy of such amendment shall be read in open meeting at the last preceding Regular Meeting. A two-thirds vote of the members present shall be necessary to pass such amendment.



The Constitution may be amended at the times and upon the notice above provided for the amendment of By-Laws by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present.



Meetings of the Club shall be con­ducted in accordance with “Cushing’s Rules of Order.”



There shall be held by the Club each year, as provided for by the Tournament Committee, tournaments in which prizes shall be awarded for such events as are recognized by the Tournament rules. Entries will not be accepted from members in arrears.




  1. Roll call of officers.
  2. Reading of minutes of previous meeting.
  3. Election of new members.
  4. Report of Financial Secretary.
  5. Report of Treasurer.
  6. Registrations.
  7. Communications.
  8. Reports of Committees.
  9. Unfinished business.
  10. New Business.
  11. Good of Club.
  12. Adjournment.





Regular meetings of the Club shall be held on the second Wednesday in each month at 7:30 o’clock p.m. At any regular or special meeting, ten members shall constitute a quorum. A written notice of meetings stating time and place shall be bulletined by the Secretary, at least three days prior to such meeting, but a want of notice shall not invalidate the proceedings of any meeting.

Special meetings may be called by the President of his own motion or upon re­quest of two members of the Executive Committee or upon request of five mem­bers and notice of such Special Meeting shall be given by mail by the Secretary to each of the members at least twenty-four hours before such meeting.


Duties of Officers

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, sign all demands upon the Treasurer and perform such other duties as usually pertain to this office.


The Vice-Presidents in order of seniority, shall fill the office of President when that officer is absent. If there are neither President nor a Vice-President present at a meeting, any member may be chosen to act as President pro-tem.


The Recording Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the Club and of all contests, issue all the notices required, keep the records and papers of the Club, and at the end of his term shall surrender all books, papers, vouchers and property of the Club to his successor.


The Financial Secretary shall secure all moneys of the Club and pay them to the Treasurer; shall see that all fees, dues and subscriptions are regularly collected; shall keep an account of all moneys secured and expended; shall from time to time present a list of defaulting members; and shall pay legitimate bills when duly auth­orized by the Club, only on voucher signed by the President and Recording Secretary.


The Treasurer shall receive and care for all moneys of the Club subject to vouchers duly approved, and signed by

the President and Recording Secretary; shall at each regular meeting furnish a report of the funds in his hands.


The Field Captains shall maintain order at all meetings, and shall perform such further duties as the President may direct.


Duties of Committees

The Executive Committee shall have charge of the property, business and transactions of the Club with Lull power to act therein, subject to the supervision and approval of the Club; shall examine and approve all bills and claims against the Club and shall examine the accounts and records of the Secretaries and Treasurer, and report upon the same at the Annual Meeting.


Membership Fee and Dues

The Membership dues shall be $1.00 per year, payable in advance. The year herein mentioned begins January 1st of each year.

Retired employees who are eligible for membership and were members for ten consecutive years preceding retirement shall be entitled to retain membership without payment of annual dues.


Election of Members

All applications for membership must be in writing, endorsed by two members of the 0kb, and accompanied by $4.00 initiation fee, and $1.00 dues for the cur­rent year, or order for deduction of dues from payroll therefore, which shall be re­turned in the event of failure of election. Application may be presented at any regular meeting of the Club.


Applications for associate membership must be in writing and endorsed by two members of the Club. Applications may be presented at any regular meeting. A two-thirds vote of the members present shall elect to membership a regular or associate member.



A member in arrears three months in his dues shall be automatically suspended and he shall be dropped from the mem­bership when he is in arrears six months.


For violation of the principles of the Club or any action which would cause reflection upon its repute, a member may be suspended or expelled from the Club, after hearing by a two-thirds vote of members present at any regular meeting; provided that such member shall not have less than two weeks’ notice of the charges and hearing mailed to his last known ad­dress and provided that charges shall be in writing.



Any member may resign by notice in writing to the Recording Secretary but no resignations shall be accepted by the Club if the member be in arrears for dues or otherwise. Upon any member’s ceasing to be a member, all his interest in and to the property of the Club shall be vested in the Club.


Pacific Electric Rod & Gun Club




The following rules and regulations will govern the distribution of prizes.


Prizes shall be awarded in accordance with list of prizes adopted each year by a majority of the members present at a regular meeting.


Fishing rules governing distribution of prizes to regular members will also gov­ern prizes for junior members and mem­bers of the ladies division who are wives of regular members except only one prize will be awarded to a junior member or to a lady, and to compete for such prize it will be necessary that a junior member or lady must make all catches of fish with­out assistance from others either in bait­ing of hooks, casting of lines, or landing of fish.


Registration by junior members must show age clearly printed at top of reg­istration cards after name.



Tournament season: The Tournament season shall extend from the first day of December to, and including, the last day of November of the following year. All fish entered in competition for prizes must be caught in open season and in waters within or bordering the State of Cali­fornia. No fish taken in private preserve will be eligible. All fish must be registered on regulation card furnished by the Club, properly signed by the member and by all witnesses as required thereon. Registra­tions must be mailed or otherwise sub­mitted to the Recording Secretary, or Sec­retary of the Club, within thirty (30) days after the catch and be presented at the next regular meeting of the Club, ex­cept at the end of the tournament season when no registrations will be accepted and no registrations may be presented later than at the final meeting of the sec­ond Wednesday of December.


All fish, except trout and barracuda, must be weighed on scales regularly in­spected and sealed by the “Sealer of Weights and Measures of the State of California” or on a personally owned scale which has been inspected by the Execu­tive Committee and approved by that Body. Personally owned scales must be presented to the Executive Committee for inspection and approval at any time upon the request of any member of that body. Each registration card shall specifically state the location of the scales upon which the catch has been weighed. No registra­tion will be accepted which does not contain all the information required on the regulation registration card.


Prizes will be awarded without restriction as to weight of rod, but no catch on line exceeding a 9-thread 50-lea, except in the 24-thread classification, is eligible for registration.


Size of Trout and Barracuda must be determined by measuring its length.


All fish will be classed as either Salt Water or Fresh Water Fish. Surf fish will be classified as Corbina, Croaker, Yellow-fin and Surf Perch.


No member will be eligible to draw more than one prize in each division, or more than one prize in any class.


Should any member qualify for more than one first, one second and so on, in either division, then he shall have his choice of said prizes, and the remaining prizes shall be awarded to contestants having next largest fish.


After contestant has been awarded a prize in either division, all other fish reg­istered by him in that division will be eliminated.


All registrations must bear the signature of witnesses with address of same.


All salt water game fish, that are not definitely classified, are eligible for reg­istration in classification “Largest Game Fish Taken on Line Not Exceeding Nine Thread;” and in classification “Largest Game Fish Taken on Line Not Exceeding Twenty-four Thread.”


Fish eligible for registration in the above classifications are: Sword Fish, Dol­phin, Black Bass (Jew Fish), White Sea Bass, Albacore and Tuna.


Fish registrations must be submitted to the Recording Secretary of the Club to be read at the first regular Club meeting thereafter, and upon being so read the


Recording Secretary will turn the same over to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will thereupon, within not more than five (5) days there­after, approve or reject said registrations and return the same promptly to the Re­cording Secretary of the Club, who will file the approved registrations with the Fishing Captain to be held by him until the end of the Tournament Season. Any registration which is rejected by the Executive Committee shall be returned by the Recording Secretary to the member filing the same personally or at his address as shown upon the registration card with a notation or letter advising as to the Executive Committee’s action and the cause for rejecting said registration. Any registration so rejected may be re­submitted to the Recording Secretary of the Club any time prior to the next regu­lar Club meeting after the original meeting.


Executive Committee shall have authority to request sworn affidavit in writing on any questionable registration.


Registrations will not be accepted from any member in arrears with dues and a suspended member will be barred from making registrations during the Tournament season in which he is suspended.

Prizes go to members using any weight rod and line not exceeding a standard 9-thred line, except in the 24-thred classification.


The tournament season shall be from December 1 to November 30, inclusive.  All members in good standing are eligible to compete for prizes awarded under this section.



Team: A team of five men may be maintained during the tournament season to represent the club.  The team shall be the five shooters with the highest average during the season at regularly scheduled qualifying shoots and competitive shoots with teams of other clubs.  No member may qualify for the team until having shot at least 100 registered targets at such scheduled shoot.  Any member of the team may be displaced by a member of this club if, after shooting the required registered targets during the season, his aver­age is higher than the average of such team member.


Scheduled Shoots: The field captain will schedule one shooting event during the first part of the tournament season to qualify shooters for the team. Shells for this event will be furnished by the club. Shooters will bear the, expense of Blue Rocks and all practice shooting. At least two additional scheduled shoots will be held during the tournament season at which shoot all members in good stand­ing are eligible to compete. Shooters will bear the expense of Blue Rocks and shells at such shoots.

Competitive Shoots: After selection of a team of five men the field captain shall arrange such competitive shoots with other clubs as may be practicable. The Pacific Electric Rod & Gun Club will bear the expense of shells in such com­petitive shoots.

Practice Shooting: At any scheduled or competitive shoot practice shooting must be declared as such before taking position at traps and scores made at practice shall not be counted on season average.

Prizes: Any prizes awarded shall be on the basis of the member’s average for the tournament season. All shooting registered for season prizes and team percentages must be done under the supervision of the field captain or his alternate. No aver­age will be counted toward competition for a prize unless the member shoots a minimum of 100 targets at a regularly scheduled shooting event.


All deer heads entered in competition for prizes must be registered on standard registration cards which are provided by the Club. Deer heads must be registered within forty-five (45) days after kill and must bear the signature of a witness and address of same. Only deer killed in the State of California are eligible. No regis­tration will be accepted from a suspended member.


All deer heads registered must be submitted prior to the December meeting for measurement and classification by the prize committee and must have deer tag attached.


In awarding prizes in deer heads the following points shall govern size of heads:


Number of points.


Spread of horns.


Length of horns.


Only main prongs will be counted as points.


Points commonly known as eye guards and freak points or drops will not be considered as points.


In case of ties in number of points, the length of prongs will govern size of head.


In case of other ties the head with the greatest number of points shall have pref­erence.


Ties in number of points will be con­sidered only when size cannot be deter­mined with reference to spread and length of horns.



In order to encourage the elimination of predatory animals, thereby saving the game on which these animals prey, the Club will pay bounties to regular members in good standing on the following predatory animals:

Mountain Lion, $15.00; Coyote, $2.50; Bob Cat or Lynx, $2.50; Weasels, $0.50.


Bounties will be paid only to members making registration on proper form and delivered to the Field Captain with the scalp of the animal, which scalp shall have both ears attached.


Bounties will be paid at the time of awarding prizes at the close of the Tour­nament Season.