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A Guide to the Electric Traction Heritage of the Los Angeles Region
Pacific Electric Stations Pacific Electric Sub-stations Vol. 1 Pacific Electric Sub-stations Vol. 1
ERHA's books, Pacific Electric Stations and Pacific Electric Sub-stations Vols. 1&2 are now available for purchase on-line with FREE shipping!

The 250 page Pacific Electric Stations lists over 2000 Pacific Electric Railway Depots, Stations and stops. The book is heavily illustrated with line maps and detailed description and period photos of dozens of stations along all of the Pacific Electric's 1200 miles of lines.

Pacific Electric Sub-stations is a two volume set that features more than 700 B&W photos, drawings and site plans; most never before published.
This book by John Heller & Jim Walker is similar to the ERHA's Pacific Electric Stations in format and layout. (perfect bound, soft cover 11"x8½")
Volume One spans 268 pages and covers the early history of the PE power system and sub-stations Nos. 1-33.
Volume Two runs 240 pages and covers sub-stations Nos. 34-52 plus portables and the latter history of the power system.
Scattered through both volumes are sub-stations that never received PE numbers. Page numbers run straight through both volumes in the set.

All three ERHA of SC Pacific Electric books are now available for order on with free shipping.

1873-1910The Street Railway History of Los Angeles
1873Spring & Sixth Street Railroad Co.
1885-1889Second Street Cable Railroad
1886Pasadena Street Railroad Company
North Fair Oaks Avenue Line (horsecar)
1886-1888Colorado Street Railway Company
East Colorado Street Line (horsecar), South Loop Line (horsecar)
1886-1898Temple Street Cable Railway
1886-1894Los Angeles Electric Railway (Pico Electric Railway), Electric Rapid Transit Company, The Belt Line Railway Company
1886-1894Los Angeles and Pacific Railway
(Los Angeles Ostrich Farm Railway Company, Los Angeles County Railway Company)
1886-1901Santa Ana, Orange & Tustin Street Railway Company, The Santa Ana & Orange Motor Company, The International Railway Company
1886-1911Riverside & Arlington
(Crescent City Railway Company, Hall's Addition Railway Company, Riverside Railway Company, San Bernardino Interurban Railway Company)
1887-1893City Railway Company of Pasadena
North Fair Oaks Avenue Line
1887-1893San Gabriel Valley Rapid Transit Railroad
1888Highland Railroad Company
North Lake Avenue Line, North Loop Line, Arroyo Seco Line
1888West Second Street Cable Railway
1888Pacific Railway Company
1889-1896Los Angeles Cable Railway Company, Pacific Railway Company
1890-1895Los Angeles Consolidated Electric Railway Company - LACE
1891West Pasadena Railway Company
West Colorado & Orange Grove Avenue Line
1892-1938Pasadena & Mount Wilson Railway, Pasadena and Mount Lowe Railway, Pacific Electric Mt. Lowe Division
1894-1902Pasadena & Los Angeles Electric Railway, Los Angeles & Pasadena Electric Railway Company, Electric Express & Storage Company
1895-1910Los Angeles Railway Company - LARy
1895-1903Los Angeles Traction Company
1897-1902Los Angeles & Pasadena Electric Railway, Pasadena Electric
1896-1911Los Angeles Pacific
1899-1953Pacific Electric
1899-1903Redlands Street Railway
1901-1908Playa Del Rey Incline
1901-1911Los Angeles & Redondo
1901-1969, 1996-2001, 2010-Angels Flight
1903-1910Los Angeles Inter-Urban Railway (The Los Angeles & Glendale Electric Railway Company, The Los Angeles Traction Company)
1903-1911Redlands Central Railway
1903-1911San Bernardino Valley Traction Company
1904-1943Court Flight
1904-1918, 1921-1923Santa Catalina Incline Railway
(Island Mountain Railway, Angel's Flight)
1905 Mount Hollywood Scenic Railway company
1907-1918Montecito Railroad Company
1909-1919 Los Angeles & Mt. Washington Incline Railway
1909-1930 Glendale & Montrose
(Glendale & Eagle Rock)
1910-1912Laurel Canyon Utilities Company
1910-1929Santa Monica—Ocean Park—Venice Electric Tram
1910-1945Los Angeles Railway Corporation - LARy
1916-1953White Bus Lines, Motor Transit Company, Pacific Electric Motor Transit Lines
1923-1949Los Angeles Motor Bus Company, Los Angeles Motor Coach Company
1945-1958Los Angeles Transit Lines - LATL
1953-1958Metropolitan Coach Lines - MCL, Asbury Rapid Transit (1954-on)
1958-1963Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority - LAMTA - MTA I
1963-1993Southern California Rapid Transit District (No rail operations until Blue Line.)
1993-onLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority - LACMTA - MTA II - Metro
1999-onLos Angeles to Pasadena Blue Line Construction Authority on to Montclair
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